English at Napier


Our English curriculum is supported by ‘The Power of Reading’ core texts which focuses on teaching Literacy through using high quality books and creative teaching approaches such as art and drama. This approach aims to engage and motivate children in their literacy learning and also enables children to deepen their understanding of texts and provides a meaningful context for writing. Some of the quality texts we have used as a basis for literacy learning.


How are the texts used?

A quality text will be used as the basis for learning over several weeks. Children will explore and discuss the text through creative activities. They will also write in a range of genres as part of the unit. For example they might write a letter in role as a character or write a newspaper recount about the events in the text.

Please see below for a list of books. 

Accelerated Reader

Is predominantly used in Years 2 - 6. However, if a child in the EYFS and/or Year 1 is able to access the challenge of these books, then they too will be given access to this highly effective reading scheme. It is a staged programme, using high quality texts from recognised authors to engage the children and develop a love of reading. To accompany the reading, their are a number on online quizzes to develop and assess the children's comprehension skills. Children are awarded certificates for the number of words they read. 

Downloads Date  
Reading List 30th Nov 2021 Download
Whole School LTP 29th Jun 2023 Download