SEND and Inclusion

Our Inclusion Team at Napier consists of:

Miss Wellard ( SENCO), Mrs Bragger (SEN Assistant) and Carly Hallows (Pastoral Care Manager)

SENCo stands for Special Educational Needs Coordinator. You may hear the name referred to in full, as its acronym or as SEN Coordinator.

SEN Coordinators are members of teaching staff who are responsible for special educational needs within a school. 

At Napier Primary Academy we aim to: 

  • Provide an educational environment and curriculum which meets the needs and recognises the aspirations of the whole child 
  • Remove or minimise the negative impact of barriers to learning for all pupils with SEND so that their progress and achievement is the best it can be 
  • Grow children’s self-esteem and confidence leading to greater resilience, independence and decision-making 
  • Involve parents/carers and pupils through working in partnership to ensure that provision is impactful and meaningful building on the strengths of the child 
  • Build staff confidence and commitment to valuing individual differences and to understanding and meeting the disparate needs of children 

If you have any worries regarding your child, please talk to the class teacher first who will be able to offer help or advice.  If you would like to discuss anything further, please feel free to contact the SENCO at:


Please see below for further information which may be useful:

Health services for children regarding ADHD, autism and other developmental issues are delivered by Snapdragons:

Medway Support for Families:

Health services for children is delivered by NELFT for psychiatry, psychotherapy:

Voluntary services:

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Dyslexia 16th Oct 2021 Download
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