Safeguarding at Napier


Here at Napier Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do.

Child Protection and Safeguarding is taken very seriously at Napier Primary Academy. All procedures and expectations are outlined in our safeguarding policy ( please find below). 

At Napier, we have a number of Designated Safeguarding Leaders: Ciaran Mc Cann, Jacky Greenlees, Elizabeth Wintle, Henry Goldsmith, Lee-Anne Beaney and Carly Hallows( DSL-poster-2.pdf).

All staff receive regular safeguarding training to raise awareness of the different levels of safeguarding issues presented to children and young adults. We are always available to give advice, including online safety. If you have any safeguarding concerns then please report to any of our designated safeguarding leads or by emailing

Safeguarding in the curriculum 

 Throughout the academic year we identify opportunities in the taught curriculum to teach the children about safeguarding.

Our broad curriculum gives pupils opportunities to experience life in all its diversity, to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills that significantly impact on personal development, behaviour and welfare and equips every child with the knowledge and skills required for personal safeguarding.

We plan to constantly challenge children to think deeply about safeguarding matters and their own personal physical and mental wellbeing. We value pupils’ questions and give them space for their own thoughts, ideas and concerns. We give them opportunities across the curriculum to explore values, personal rights, responsibilities and equal opportunities that develop moral concepts that impact positively on safeguarding, promote British values and prevent radicalisation and extremism.

There are many opportunities throughout our Learning in school to explore safeguarding issues.

Practical safeguarding opportunities are planned into the curriculum. For example:

  • Stranger danger and walking to and from school alone

  • What do I do when I am worried? worry boxes / Trusted adult / feeling safe

  • NSPCC - Speak out stay safe 

  • Online safety and bullying

  • Visitors to school including medical staff, charities and project workers

  • Fire awareness (including visits from the local fire service)

  • Road and rail safety

  • School trip safety - Travelling with your group / being separated from your group

  • Exploitation including Prevent, County lines and Gangs

  • Poolside and water safety through swimming lessons

  • Safe use of technology including password security and privacy settings


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