School Meals

Napier Primary Academy offers a school dinners that are varied and healthy. Children also have the option of bringing in a packed lunch. We encourage all meals; whether provided from home or school to be healthy and balanced. 

Packed Lunch

We believe that a healthy meal at lunchtime will aid healthy minds. To help promote healthy packed lunches, we have provided some useful website to help parents to  develop the ideas for the lunch boxes

Due to allergies, we ask that packed lunches DO NOT include any nuts and this includes peanut butter in sandwiches. Thank you for your support. 

Free School Meals

Don’t forget if your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 they can enjoy a meal each day without charge, irrespective of income. However, you still need to register if you are entitled to Free School Meals. Your registrationNapierRd 021 for this will aid school funding. 

Free school meals forms are available from the school office for families who believe they are eligible for free school meals. Any child in Years 3-6 who are eligible will receive a free school meal.