Vision and Values


At Napier we believe that every child can succeed. We will ensure that our children will develop high aspirations, self-belief, respect, compassion, and an understanding of their world and their community. 

Six core values underpin everything we do at Napier.


At Napier we respect all learners and individuals by valuing their rights and property.


At Napier we always give our very best and and try our hardest to achieve. No matter how big the challenge, we always work hard to find a way to succeed.


At Napier we will have every opportunity to be successful at the highest level and challenge ourselves to meet challenging goals on our journey to fulfilling our potential.


Children at Napier develop the confidence to find the courage to develop the resilience to attempt challenging targets and to never give up! 


Napier is a welcoming and caring school. We believe in the importance of friendship and strive for every member of the school community to be happy and feel loved. The work we produce is as strong and as powerful as our friendship.


At Napier we believe in being fair and treat everyone they way they deserve to be treated. We understand, embrace and celebrate the differences in our community and are proud of the diversity within our school family.

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