School Meals

Caterlink is an award-winning food service provider catering to primary schools.

We are passionate about providing your children with award-winning Food for Life freshly prepared school lunches that are true to our fresh food heritage. We track down the best fresh produce and ensure it reaches each school kitchen as quickly as possible. Our chefs use RSPCA Assured Eggs, Marine Stewardship Council approved sustainable fish and Red Tractor approved fresh meat. The British countryside and its farmers need our support and we are more than happy to give it!

JoJoe Crow, our friendly primary school mascot, is always out in our sponsored school kitchen gardens helping pupils learn about the benefits of a healthy diet using homegrown produce.

All our menus are nutritionally analysed to ensure they meet and in most cases exceed The School Food Standards. We hope your child enjoys our new menus.


Universal Infant Free School Meals

Don’t forget if your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 they can enjoy a meal each day without charge, irrespective of income. However, you still need to register if you are entitled to Free School Meals. This is important and helps schools funding.


Free School Meals

Low Income - Are you missing out? to check if you are entitled to Free School Meal entitlement, please ask at the school office.


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Click on the document below to see what's on the new Spring menu.

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Spring menu 2020 06th Jan 2020 Download