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We know that the wearing of uniform gives the children a sense of belonging and pride in our school, so we have made it as easy as possible for parents to obtain the required items at a very reasonable price.


Suppliers of our uniform

We have set up a facility with Uniformbase, for parents to purchase uniform on-line. By using this link,, you will be directed to the Parent Direct homepage, where you will be prompted to select our school from a drop down menu. A range of uniform items will be shown for you to select the items you require.


Uniformbase opened in Chatham on 10 July 1999 as National Schoolwear Centres. Having quickly established a reputation for excellent products and customer service, 18 years and a name change later we still offer the same excellent year-round service and  quality products to an ever growing customer base of schools, parents, carers and students across the South-East of England.


Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 9.00am – 5.30pm
(Winter hours from Dec – March of 09:00 – 17:00)
Sunday (August only): 10.00am – 4.00pm


How to find us:
We are conveniently located in the centre of Chatham in Railway Street. We are opposite The Old Post Office (Wetherspoons) and only 50 metres up from the NatWest Bank. We are pleased to confirm the list of uniform for pupils from September 2016:


Schoolwear House, 11 Railway Street,
Chatham, Kent, ME4 4HU
Tel: 01634 407217
Fax: 01634 407217



White shirt

Plain red tie (normal, elasticated or clip on)

Grey/black trousers

Black ‘v’ neck sweatshirt with school logo OR black ‘v’ neck jumper

Grey/black shorts (during Terms 5 & 6)

Black shoes



White shirt

Plain red tie (normal, elasticated or clip on)

Tartan skirt or grey/black trousers

Red Gingham dresses (during Terms 5 & 6)

Black cardigan or black ‘v’ neck sweatshirt with school logo or black ‘v’ neck jumper

Plain red, white or black hairbands

Black or grey tights/stockings

Black shoes


PE kit


The PE kit will not change.  The children will still wear their ‘house’ t-shirts for PE lessons with a choice of either black or navy shorts.



However items can also be purchased from alternative suppliers.  Here are a selection of the best deals available at the moment.


School Shirts


Sainsbury’s currently £4.50 for a pack of three white long-sleeved shirts



Asda £3.00 for a pack of two long-sleeved shirts,default,pd.html


Tesco £8.50 for a pack of five long-sleeved shirts,4,shop,catgbacktoschool,bts-shirts


Grey & Black Trousers


Asda from £3.00,default,pd.html?cmpid=ppc-_-george-_-ggle-pla-_-School-_--_-dskwid-s92700010654340777_dc&gclid=CNb83q_8-cwCFdYV0wodJG0BqQ


Tesco from £4.00,4,shop,catgbacktoschool,bts-trousers


Sainsbury’s from £4.50 for a pack of two pairs of trousers



Black ‘v’ necked jumpers


Sainsbury’s currently from £4.50 for a pack of two unisex jumpers



Debenhams from £4.00


Marks & Spencer from £6.00


Red Ties


Amazon from £1.49


Ebay from 99p


Black Shoes


Asda from £6.00,default,sc.html?q=shoes&cmpid=ppc-_-george-_-ggle-br-_-School-_-%2Basda%20%2Bschool%20%2Bshoes-_-dskwid-s43700010618613703_dc&gclid=CNCX2Lyi-swCFVIYGwodcroL-g


*Prices may be subject to change. All prices shown are correct at time of posting and should be used as a guide only.