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The mathematics curriculum has been developed in line with the English National Curriculum to ensure that the children receive a thorough grounding in basic mathematical skills and concepts. Early mathematical experiences lay the foundation for future expertise. Through imaginative, differentiated and practical activities, children will find a great deal of enjoyment in their learning, as well as appreciating the importance of mathematics.


Mathematics at all levels will include discussions, manipulation of concrete materials, investigations, problem solving, practice and consolidation, and mental maths. The mathematics curriculum can be divided into four main strands:


  • Number - including pattern and function, number systems, computation, decimals, percentages, fractions and numerical patterns
  • Data Handling - including graph work and probability
  • Measurement
  • Shape and Space
Medway Test - Please ensure your child is in school by 8:45am to be registered in time for the start of the Medway test.